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Located in Columbia, Tennessee—just a one-hour drive south of Nashville—lies Tennessee Distilling Ltd. We produce traditional Charcoal-Mellowed Tennessee Whiskey as well as Bourbon, Rye, Corn and Malt whiskeys. As one of the United States’ top-producing distilleries, we blend a long history of craft distilling. While our heritage is in the hills of Tennessee, our business reach is global.

Employee driving stapler
employee working in the lab
two employees working on whiskey barrels
two employees standing in front of a wall, one wearing a black shirt one wearing a white shirt
employee in black shirt checking equipment
employee holding a glass of whiskey leaning against a door frame
employee filling out a checklist, standing in front of whiskey barrels
employee smiling, grabbing a piece of chain
employee working on a whiskey tank
employee standing in front of whiskey barrels
two employees working on a still
employee filling a whiskey glass